The State of the Label Address 2014

Hello folks,

To celebrate 2014 we are kicking off our annual End of the Year sale on Small Business Saturday, use the code "2014" for 35% off everything, physical and digital, in our bandcamp! Good for the rest of the year! 

As is our tradition as we roll towards the end of the calendar year, we'd like to take a moment and reflect on everything that happened this year in Debacle land. Not only did we release 7 records on Debacle and 3 on our sister label MOTOR, but we put on 10 amazing MOTOR parties, including a trip to Portland, our best Debacle Fest yet, and numerous other shows and events including a great Wolf Eyes blazer. All of which barely scratches the surface of all the stuff that went down. We are so very proud of how much we packed into this year. Thing is, we ain't done yet!

We just let slip a brand new CD release from Minnesota newcomer Dågur, a phenomenal EP of filmic drones and dark electronics. This one is going to be for the true Debacle heads, instant classic status. Only 100 made, pick it up up now.

Also for our Seattle friends we have one more phenomenal MOTOR party to round out the year. On December 11th we will be hosting Best Available Technology (Left_blank, Opal Tapes, Further) at MOTOR XIX!

So, remember, use the code "2014" for 35% off everything, physical and digital, in our bandcamp

Sam & Rachel