Summer Plans! - Expo '70 & Plankton Wat 12"

Hello all,

Thanks to everybody who came out and partied at Debacle Fest 2013.  It was a roaring success and is going to be very hard to top next year!

As for plans for the next few months.  We have a few very exciting releases on their way plus more and more actions from the MOTOR camp.

First and formost is the upcoming split release from Expo '70 and Plankton Wat.  The release highlights two of the best psychedelic solo guitarists in operation today.   Very excited to get this out.  Will be available in August with a pre-sale starting in late July.

The MOTOR crew has been planning quite a summer as well.  We will be taking a small trip south to Olympia and Portland in July with MOTOR VI going down in Seattle on July 26th at Pony!  In addtion to recently releasing our first single, Airports "Sweat/Pleasure", we will shortly have our first white labels as well.  Keep an eye on for more info!

That is just a fraction of the amazing releases we have planned!  Stay tuned for MOTOR singles from Patternmaster and HOM, Debacle LP's from Biosexual, LA Lungs, King Tears Bat Trip, Hobo Cubes and more.