Debacle Fest! March Sale! Total Life!


Hello All,

It’s been a while since I updated you to all the happenings here at Debacle.  As it turns out I have more amazing things to announce than ever before.  We have announced the line-up, schedule and tickets for Debacle Fest 2013, new Total Life LP drops on Tuesday March 5th, the first MOTOR single is out shortly after that, and our yearly March Super Sale is happening.  Ok let’s just dive in.

Debacle Records and Hollow Earth Radio Present Debacle Fest 2013

I can’t wait for you to see the line up for Debacle Fest 2013.  Go over and take a gander, it’s cool, I’ll wait….YEAH I KNOW!   It’s crazy right?!  For those of you who didn’t click over, we have put together an insane line-up that brings together national, regional and Seattle artists for a super PACKED weekend.  Let me throw some names at you; Expo ’70, Date Palms, Nate Young, John Wiese, Hieroglyphic Being, Moon Pool & Dead Band, Golden Retriever.   It’s really going to be a special weekend.  I would love it if you came and joined us in Seattle for it.  Also, if I have you convinced and you are planning on coming out, please look into the weekend passes and presale tickets.  They are at least a 25% or more discount off the door price. This year we are also proud to partner with Hollow Earth Radio.  All profits from the weekend will go to the Seattle based internet radio station and local music fixture.  Finally stay tuned to even more details, announcements and fun surprises around the fest over the next two months.

Annual March Super Sale

Once again I am stoked to announce a month full of stupid great deals celebrating the 8(!) year back catalog of Debacle Records and my own birthday month.  This year is special because for the first time we have vinyl releases out during the sale.  Like years past, we are offering the entire back catalog for a stupid cheap price of $70+shipping for all 53 releases.  For the people who bought the whole back catalog already we have a bundle of all the releases since last year’s sale; 13 records including all 3 pieces of vinyl for $40+shipping.  For those of you too cool for CD’s you can buy just the vinyl catalog for $25+shipping.  For the loyalists that have nearly everything already or only want digital items use the promo code “madness” at our bandcamp for 30% anything physical or digital in the store.  For a rundown on the details of each bundle jump over to our page about the sale.

Total Life out March 5th

Very excited to finally be releasing this beauty of an album from one of my personal favorite musicians, Total Life (Kevin Doria of Growing).

Total Life – Bender/Drifter

With Growing on indefinite hiatus Kevin Doria has returned with his new primary project Total Life.  Bender/Drifter is made up of two sidelong tracks exploring minimal modulation changes and processes on lofty walls of roaring drone.  This verticality of composition owes something to Matthew Bower’s sculptural fuzz techniques, though long time fans will recognize the minimalistic tones as echoing some early Growing tracks like "Anaheim II".  Bender/Drifter is like staring at the sun through a thin sheet of overcast.  A muted burning glow, stoically unchanging, yet remade by the slowly drifting cloud lines.

Recorded by Kevin Doria
Mastered by Scott Colburn
LP on 150 gram white vinyl
MOTOR revs up for its first release!
On March 12th we will be releasing the first single from our new sister label MOTOR.   I will dive deeper into this as we approach the release date, but here is the rundown.  Airport (Jayson Kochan of TJ Max and Midday Veil) will be releasing a 12” single that is the first of many for MOTOR.  The single is titled Sweat/Pleasure and features a remix of Sweat from his TJ Max band-mate Mood Organ.  We will be releasing a video of the single shortly.  The MOTOR crew couldn’t be more excited to take this first step towards showing you all what we have been cooking up in dark sweaty clubs in Seattle over the last year.  Head over to the MOTOR bandcamp to hear a preview and pre-order the single.
The Debacle team has grown!
I wanted to take a moment to give out a long overdue shout out to the first volunteer employee of Debacle Records.   If you have been going to shows in Seattle over the last few years you have probably seen Rachel LeBlanc buzzing around running shows, fronting local skronkers WaMu, co-booking the monumental event series Bad For Jazz with Justin Legg, connecting key player around town, or just helping me from going insane.  Rachel has been working with me on local booking and promotion for quite a long while, but over the last 6 months we have made it official.   We still have yet to come up with a good title for her but please welcome Rachel to the Debacle family.
Whew! If you read this far bless your bored little hearts.

See you at the fest!
Debacle Sam