State of the Label 2013

It's been a very big year here at Debacle HQ and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what we did, where we are going, and what we loved about this last year.

First off thanks to anybody who purchased an album, came to a show or even submitted a demo, your support means more to us here than you probably could even imagine.

So what did we do this year? We kicked off the year having just released the Zac Nelson LP and about to drop Total Life's brain ahnillating Bender/Drifter.

After a string of great shows to kick off the new year, we held our biggest Debacle Fest yet.

It was a three day four show monster filled to the brim with amazing artists from far and wide.  We are so proud of that line up and happy to make so many new friends like Gabriel Saloman, the Date Palms crew, Nate Young and Dave Shettler, Jamaal Moss and James Dondio, not to mention all of our returning friends and family. Next year we will be trying a few new things with Debacle Fest, but what an amazing blow-out we had this year.

We continued to grow our MOTOR night with six awesome parties throughout the year and our first ever MOTOR single release. Very proud of the guests we have been fortunate enough to host this year, but even more so of how much our core group of artists have banded together and helped each other improve and become the most exciting new group of artists in Seattle.  Look for two new 12"s in the first part of the year from Olympia's techno shaman HOM and a set of atmospheric bangers from Hobo Noir, the team of Montreal's Hobo Cubes and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier. All this is just the start of what MOTOR has planned for this year.

Summer brought our biggest release ever in the Expo '70/Plankton Wat split 12".  Bringing together two of our favorite jammers for a great EP.  I may be biased, but I think "Faded Postcards" that closes out Plankton Wat's side, might be his best song period!

We kicked off the fall with our batch of phenomenal CD releases from TJ Max, Rainbow Lorikeet and Adderall Canyonly, three very different but equally impressive electronic jammers. Then we finally dropped the debut album from Biosexual, one of the strongest and most accomplished releases in our entire catalog. Biosexual has a ton more up their sleeves and we are hoping to continue to delight you with crazy videos and remixes from that many-years-in-the-making LP.

So whats next? Well after closing out the year with our best MOTOR night yet with Pete Swanson, we will be dropping the aforementioned HOM single at the end of January, followed shortly by our tenth MOTOR night at Lo Fi featuring debut MOTOR performances from Apartment Fox and Raica.  February brings us the long awaited Hobo Cubes debut full length LP Apex Ideals, and even more awesome stuff we can't talk about yet. Keep your eyes open for news about Debacle LPs from A Story of Rats/Dull Knife moss-wizard Garek Druss, guitar wunderkindt Hayden Pedigo, and a split 12" from Seattle heavies Brain Fruit and Panabrite. Of course we will be announcing details on Debacle Fest 2014 the moment we can.

Here is some music we loved at Debacle HQ.


  • Holden - The Inheritors
  • Pharmakon - Abandon
  • Nate Young - Regression: Blinding Confusion
  • Pete Swanson - Punk Authority EP
  • Knifecream - Bind, Torture, Kill
  • Mohammad - Som Sakrifis
  • Roly Porter - Life Cycle of a Massive Star
  • Locrian - Return to Annihialation



  • Function - Incubation
  • Chris Forsyth - Solar Motel
  • Autre Ne Veut - Anxiety
  • Holden - The Inheritors

Also Great

  • Egyptrixx - A/B Til Infinity
  • Moan - Bookshelf Sanctuary
  • Allesandro Cortini - Forse 1 & 2
  • Blondes - Swisher
  • Metasplice - Infracts
  • Drumcell - Sleep Complex
  • Aquarelle - August Undone
  • Chvrches - The Bones of What We Know
  • Sightings - Terribly Well
  • Ron Morelli - Backpages
  • Kobosil - - ----
  • Roly Porter - Lifecycle of a Massive Star
  • Karen Gwyer - Kiki the Wormhole
  • Secret Pyramid - Movements of Night
  • Stellar Om Source - Joy One Mile
  • Rrose - Monad XVI
  • Unicorn Hard-on - Weird Universe
  • Black Sites - Prototype EP
  • Danny Paul Grody - Between Two Worlds

Thanks Everybody

Sam & Rachel