State of the Label

Hello folks!

Wanted to check in about all the cool stuff that recently came out, remind you of awesome releases from earlier in this year and talk about some future plans from Debacle.

First up we have to talk about this amazing crop of recent releases.  Starting with the Dull Knife LP we dropped 5 releases in July including  ZEPHYRS post hardcore opus “Order of the Arrow” and Particle Being Trio’s  space jazz trombone-zones.  Recently we let slip the combo of a reissue of Daniel Bachman’s “Oh Be Joyful” and the subtle, floating “Closed Eyes” from Deep Magic.

On top of all that business, we have explored damaged variations on hip hop with both Rainbow Lorikeet and Boy Fruit, waded in harrowing tide pools with Vertonen At Jennie Richie, marched to the beat of a cartoon dinosaur with First Dog, listened as Demian Johnston expanded the pallet of his brutal BLSPHM project, and soaked up a triptych of hate with BSBC/Juhyo/Bacteria Cult

In pretty short order we should have some news on both the long coming Zac Nelson masterpiece “Charbroile” and a new solo release from Kevin Doria of Growing under his Total Life project.  Both of those will be on glorious LP editions. 

In addition to all these standard duties Debacle is launching a few new initiatives.  First is the recently revealed Debacle Limited or DBL | LTD clothing and print line. 

LTD is something I have been knocking around in various forms for a while now.  It springs from working with so many great designers, illustrators and artists for Debacle related projects.  I wanted a place to allow these great artists to go wild and have a platform their own work.  The bedrock idea for LTD is the artist edition shirt line.  Every month we will bring you a new exclusive shirt design from an artist I love.  These shirts will be available for preorder for one month only.  If we reach either 50 orders or the end of the month, we will end availability and print and ship the orders.  Our first month is brought to you by one of my favorite people around, the highly regarded underground cartoonist Max Clotfelter.  Next month will be an exclusive design from local illustrator Kyler Martz.  I will announce more artists as details solidify.  These artist edition shirts are not all we have in store though.  Soon I would like to start bringing you guy’s limited edition prints, comic books, and even whole clothing lines from your favorite artists.  Stay tuned.

Finally I am so excited to talk about MOTOR.  MOTOR was recently revealed as a bi-monthly club night I am going to be taking around to various Seattle venues.   MOTOR is a beat focus night mixing old and new ideas of psychedelia and funk.  The idea is to focus on the intersection of krautrock, psych, acid house, Moroder, 70’s synths, Detroit techno, punkfunk, all through the modern lens of the post-noise underground.  That all may sound ambitious and silly, but the number one goal is to shake some hips and bring attention to a core group of Seattle producers.  To that end we are announcing the formation of the MOTOR sub-label.  MOTOR will focus on producing 12” short run singles from our MOTOR-heads.  More on that later but I encourage you to start paying attention to names like Patternmaster, Mood Organ, and Airport.

Come check out the second MOTOR on August 18th at the Lo Fi in Seattle.


That’s not even including the super secret new festival I am planning with some buds for November!

Thanks for all your support!