John Krausbauer - Blues for the Grave - Out 4/17/15

Blues for the Grave, due out April 17th on Debacle Records, is the next chapter in John Krausbauer's explorations of just intonation tuning and acoustic phenomena. The minimalist piece is a spiritually ecstatic catharsis, concocted with the art brutists, noiseniks, and microtonalists of the world in mind. It is a mind-melting drone undulating with voice and strings played the west coast master.

Debacle presents Blues for the Grave in CD format to keep the 30-minute scorcher as an uninterrupted piece, packaged in beautiful pro-pressed digipack CD. Digital download will also be available. 

John Krausbauer as a longtime resident of the west coast, landing in Los Angeles after periods in Oregon and the Bay. Blues for the Grave has pieces of each town within; it was conceptualized in Portland and recorded in San Francisco. His aim through solo work is to marry art brut aesthetics to high art conceptualist methodologies. John has also created in the groups Tecumseh, Trees, Aures, the Ecstatic Music Band, and most currently Lavender Menace.