Dull Knife LP and Video Out Now!

Garek Druss (A Story of Rats,Tecumseh, Stenskogen) and Adam Svenson (Karnak Temples Little Claw, Du Hexen Hase) have been members of Dull Knife for over 6 years. Originating as a super-jam between key players of the drone/noise/weird scene of Seattle, Dull Knife has been paired down to the nucleus of Druss and Svenson. They maintain the original vision of deep dusky organic drones that reflect the wet and mossy vision of Seattle’s grey skies and open waters. 

Dull Knife seem to approach their pieces with a studied patience, focusing on improvisation and organic touches. Chords and timbre’s naturally build over time, allowing individual instruments to separate and become identifiable in the mix. Side A’s “Excavating” begins from a NNCK-style free-jam into the stacked fuzz of Tim Hecker-like maelstrom in the latter half of the piece. The mournful drones introducing side B’s “The Fallow Field of Vision” slowly break away into an almost uplifting bass line seeming to evoke the heart of a resolute man stumbling towards the horizon. It is precisely this amount of freedom the two players allow themselves that makes this LP so magical. F
reedom of instrumentation, freedom of form, freedom of tonality, freedom of vision.

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DULL KNIFE: Excavating (detail) from Earplug Video on Vimeo.